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LoyalFree is an app that encourages people to save money through being loyal customers. With so many chain cafes and restaurants, it’s easy for local businesses to fall between the cracks, but LoyalFree allows you to save money with both!

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AD | Save money with LoyalFree App

What is LoyalFree?

LoyalFree is an app that offers a large variety of deals and rewards for being loyal customers to your favourite businesses: both local and chains; nicely summarised in their slogan “save money when you shop local.” It’s got a double meaning for me too, as one of LoyalFree’s funders is Go Southampton– my nearest city!

Their app is free to download either on the Apple Store or Google Play.

How do they help local businesses?

You can find businesses and offers closest to you and choose by what category interests you: anything from food and drink to even free hair cuts! The app is there not only to benefit you and decrease your spending, but also to help local businesses.

It allows you to see reviews, companies’ Instagram feeds and even their opening times too.

What else does LoyalFree offer?

LoyalFree also provides you with a local guide in selected cities, which helps you find exciting news and information. In doing so, it also helps in promoting local events, giving you an easy way to access and participating in what’s happening around the area. The LoyalFree team often travel around various towns and cities with the goal of encouraging students to save money via their promotions (I love to follow them on their Instagram stories)!

AD | Save money with LoyalFree App

How easy is the app to use?

The app is straight forward to use. When you first open the app, you will be asked to sign up for an account, but I found this relatively easy. When signed up, you’re greeted with an easy to navigate home page featuring many different deals around your location; you can filter these into categories like food, cafes and shops if you wish. The deals are great and obviously a great reason to download the app in itself, but the app does contain some nice handy little features that will help boost this app into one you might use more often.

What other features are in the app?

When searching through the sidebars of the app, you can find various useful features that could prove valuable when you’re venturing into a new or even a familiar city. Features like nearby parking and local guides can put you at ease when travelling to a new city. The local parking is exactly how it sounds, it helps you find parking close to your location or destination, which in my case at this time was Southampton.

AD | Save money with LoyalFree App

What’s in the local guide?

The local guide was one of my favourite features, it acted like a “home page” for the city you were about to visit, giving you a run down in what there is to do and see in the area. It isn’t just necessarily listing deals and money saving tips, but general attractions such as museums and theatres that could be of interest. When visiting a new city, checking out this section of LoyalFree would absolutely be one of the first things I do. The app also even acts as a tour guide, as it can take you around on tours, whether it be all the dog-friendly places to grab a bite in the city or the best places to grab a coffee.

LoyalFree is a great app to help you explore the area around you on a budget, and best of all, it’s entirely free. Make sure to check it out and browse through its many useful features.

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