March 27, 2023

Building a LoyalBase and Creating Personalised Offers: Bom Bom Patisserie

Building a LoyalBase and Creating Personalised Offers: Bom Bom Patisserie

What is a LoyalBase, and how are personalised offers created?

Each business that joins the LoyalFree app has a LoyalBase, stored in their online dashboard. A LoyalBase shows each business which customers have interacted with their profile. Each time a customer collects a loyalty stamp, claims a deal or visits along a trail on the LoyalFree app, they join the LoyalBase of that business.

Businesses on the LoyalFree app have the ability to send personalised offers to people in their LoyalBase. This is a powerful marketing tool that encourages customers to return more often; increasing store revenue. Personalised offers can be created through the LoyalFree dashboard. Members of a LoyalBase will then be informed of the offer by email and push notification.

About Bom Bom Patisserie:

Bom Bom Patisserie is an award-winning coffee shop with two locations in Loughborough, owned by husband and wife team, Dan and Marta. Marta is a magnificent baker and demonstrated her talents on Great British Bake Off: The Professionals. Bom Bom serves sweet and savoury food prepared and baked daily in their kitchen and serves specialty, espresso-based coffee provided by Hasbean.

Building a LoyalBase:

Bom Bom have amassed over 2,600 people in their LoyalBase through their loyalty scheme on the LoyalFree app – Buy 6 hot drinks and get one free on your 7th visit. To build their following, Bom Bom’s staff spent the first 9-12 months guiding customers through the app download, account creation, and stamp collection process. This hands-on approach helped to move customers away from the old paper-based loyalty scheme and onto the app.

Creating a Personalised Offer:

To further engage their LoyalBase, Bom Bom launched a personalised offer on March 22nd. The offer was a free cookie at their Derwent Drive store and was designed to re-engage customers who may not have visited the store in a while, reward loyal customers, and increase spend in-store.

The Results:

The results of the personalised offer were impressive. On the day of the offer, Bom Bom saw a 51.6% increase in transactions and a 30.7% increase in turnover compared to the average of the three previous Wednesdays. Furthermore, 70% of those who redeemed the offer were not planning on visiting the store that day before seeing the offer.

Of those who redeemed the offer, 87% spent money in-store, and 33% spent over £5.

Lastly, when surveyed, 91% of Bom Bom’s customers said that personalised offers could make them more likely to revisit a business.

Dan, owner of Bom Bom said “We’ve been seeking a way to engage occasional visitors and reward those that are regular and this new feature from LoyalFree ticks both boxes. Ultimately, we are looking for ways to increase daily revenue without lots of marketing effort. With these offers we can simply set something up in a matter of minutes and can be pretty sure that it will spike our sales. Furthermore, the service is much more affordable than some of the other options out there. Great support from the LoyalFree team too!”

Bom Bom Patisserie’s personalised offer was a resounding success. By leveraging their LoyalBase of over 2,600 customers, Bom Bom was able to drive sales, increase spend in-store, and re-engage customers who may not have visited in a while. The success of this campaign highlights the importance of customer loyalty and personalised offers in maintaining a competitive edge.

Lisa, BID Manager at Love Loughborough said ‘’Bom Bom has shown how the new LoyalBase scheme can drive more customers into store and increase turnover and spend. The team at Loughborough BID will be working with our local businesses to show how they can replicate the success achieved by Bom Bom through the LoyalFree app, helping them to grow their customers and reward them through targeted offers and incentives. Well done Bom Bom!‘’

LoyalBases and personalised offers are available to all businesses who are currently on the LoyalFree app. If you’re a business owner and are interested in getting on the app, or a current customer looking for advise on what personalised offers may work for you, please email [email protected] for further information.

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