August 28, 2016


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Are you looking to increase awareness of your business and attract new customers from the local area?

Since launching in late December 2016, LoyalFree has been helping local independent businesses advertise to thousands of people.

If you would like to feature your business on LoyalFree, fill in the box above now and, if your business passes our review, we can put your listing live in no time.


Digital Loyalty Scheme

Would you like a mobile loyalty app that involves no technology changes or hassle for you?

LoyalFree is an app that allows customers to scan your unique code to collect stamps and
claim rewards. Most customers prefer using an app instead of paper cards and all of the data is tracked and can be seen by you at any time.

You can have an offer such as ‘Spend £10 6 times and get £5 off’ instantly.

If you would like to have your loyalty scheme in an app, fill in the box above now and, if your business passes our review, we can put your listing live in no time.

Some Of Our Amazing Customers

St Martin’s Tea & Coffee Merchants

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Everards Brewery

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Dolce and Verde

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Introducing a modern loyalty scheme has enabled The Royal Oak to increase sales and boost profitability. New customers have found us on the app and keep coming back! The additional revenue to the business is well worth the small monthly cost!


– Tobi, The Royal Oak (Kirby Muxloe)

The LoyalFree app is an incredibly cost effective way to advertise to new customers in the local area! We love the community it builds amongst independent businesses which helps us all!


– Sheree, The Beauty Box, Leicester

Sophie and Jason’s startup LoyalFree is exactly the sort of scalable technology business we’re trying to support and encourage in Leicester. Aside from having successfully started to earn revenue within only a few months, their presentation at a recent event was an inspiration to many other aspiring tech startup entrepreneurs.

– Ben Ravilious, Leicester Tech Startups

What do we know about the modern customer?

Customers today have access to an unlimited amount of online information making them less brand loyal. But research shows they still respond to being valued and rewarded.

Bringing your loyalty programme into the mobile age ensures capturing, and keeping, your customers.

What is LoyalFree?

LoyalFree is a mobile phone app which replaces and improves the act of stamping a physical loyalty card. Customers collect points until they have enough to claim their reward.

By signing up to LoyalFree today you can retain customers, increase revenue and receive insights into your most valuable customers.

How does LoyalFree work?

Users download the mobile app to find nearby deals. At the point of sale they simply scan the merchant’s QR code and receive their points instantly. A seamless experience for everyone involved.

How do the rewards work?

When enough points have been collected users are notified within the app. The next time they scan your unique QR code they receive the item and start collecting points once more.

What do I need to do?

LoyalFree integrates into your unique business without changing the way you currently operate or incurring set up costs. Whether you want your Scanner Code on a lanyard, an iPad or a sign – LoyalFree has you covered.

Want to update your information in real time? Simply log in to your online profile to customise your deals, update business information and access customer insights.

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What do customers think of loyalty schemes?

  • 49%


49% of consumers will gladly switch brands for a coupon

  • 64%


64% of retailers with a mobile loyalty rewards program say it has become the best way to retain consumers

  • 73%


73% of smartphone users have shown interest in using mobile loyalty programs

  • 62%


62% of smartphone users say they’d have a better attitude of a retailer if it offered a digital loyalty program

What’s in it for me?

The cost of bringing a new customer up to the same level of profitability as an old one is up to 16x more. Retain the ones who count the most.

See profits soar as loyalty card customers spend twice as much per visit.

LoyalFree uses your Brand logo and company information to create a personalised profile.

Easy options allow customers to interact with you on Social Media.

Improve your offering by understanding what sells and when it sells.