“We have seen a dramatic increase of 14.15% in footfall at our farmers market thanks to LoyalFree…The businesses and customers both love it…it has been more successful than we ever imagined!”

Lisa Brown, BID Manager at Love Loughborough

What was the problem?

The existing discount card was well received, with thousands in circulation. But several limitations became apparent. Visitors didn’t know what offers were available and business owners didn’t understand how well the deals were working for them.

How did we solve it?

With the LoyalFree app, locals of Loughborough can now easily find deals and collect loyalty stamps on their phones. Not only this, they can view local events and business reviews. Businesses love having easy to understand digital advertising.

Lez Cope Newman, Chair of Love Loughborough BID said: “We are very excited about the new opportunities this will bring to Loughborough and the development of the businesses who operate here.”

LoyalFree has been proven to increase footfall and spend. This data is clearly communicated to BID managers in detailed monthly reports.

We created code to automate adding businesses and offers to the BID website which has massively minimised office admin. Lisa is thrilled this has saved her a day a week!

Sophie Hainsworth of LoyalFree said: “Our solution is easy to use and requires no technology which makes it accessible to any type of business. We are really excited to work with the BID and to put Loughborough on the map of UK firsts.”

How is it working?

The businesses didn’t have to lift a finger and there is no technology involved for them. Every business was added within days of the launch and Loughborough BID has started to see results already, such as:

  • 108 businesses in Loughborough are offering discounts through the LoyalFree app

  • Profiles have been viewed 37,085 times by 5,657 locals who have claimed discount 4,473 times – A lot of sales!

  • A footfall increase of 14.15% at the Farmer’s Market due to the introduction of digital loyalty schemes

  • A 15% footfall increase at the Small Business Saturday event where the app was being promoted

The app has been a great initiative to promote at events in the town such as Christmas Lights Switch on and Fresher’s Fair, giving something back to the loyal residents of the area.


A very Visible & Simple solution that your businesses and locals will love!

– A great source of local press and PR – click to read an amazing press releaseclick to read about LoyalFree being the first digital loyalty scheme for market traders

– An amazing conversation starter at every event – the locals will love your BID!

– A great service to speak to all your businesses about – the businesses will love your BID!

Lisa Brown, Love Loughborough BID Manager:

“Our partnership with LoyalFree has been more successful than we ever imagined. The setup process was hassle free and took up a very small amount of my time (it actually saved me a day week in admin!). Sophie and Jason did an amazing job of adding offers and loyalty schemes for a lot of the businesses in Loughborough.

We have seen a dramatic increase of 14.15% in footfall at our farmers market thanks to the app.

The locals of Loughborough (and visitors to the town) have an easy way to find great offers and save money. The businesses and customers both love it. Wilko’s is particularly popular! 5% off!”

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100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you’re not completely satisfied with the service after 1 year, then you’ll get all of your money back – Zero Risk!

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What Do the Businesses Say?

57% of consumers want to engage with their loyalty programs via mobile devices
(CMO, Adobe, 2017)

We have definitely seen a marked increase in sales across the store since being on the LoyalFree app . In addition being able to check analytics is an added bonus , helping us to create an updated target market for our business!

The Royal Oak

Helen Tyler, Owner

Tylers Department Store & Cafe

The LoyalFree app is an incredibly cost effective way to advertise to new customers in the local area! We love the community it builds amongst independent businesses which helps us all!

The Royal Oak

Sheree, Owner

The Beauty Box, Leicester

We had a customer that was going to purchase 2 minikegs, but ended up buying 5 just so they could get their free one using the LoyalFree offer!

The Royal Oak

Erika Hardy, Head of Marketing

Everards Brewery

Ruth Skinner from Smörgås Sandwich Bar in Leicester is loving being on LoyalFree. Click ‘Play’ below to see why!

See why Tobi, and The Royal Oak Pub, has loved being on the LoyalFree app

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Who Created LoyalFree?

Sophie and Jason, town marketing experts!

The founders are slightly mad,
in all the right ways

  • We have a wealth of work experience, as pictured below, across a multitude of sectors
  • We are the sole owners of and directors of LoyalFree Ltd
  • We have taken no investment, thus have no external influencers and are the only decision makers
  • We love meeting enthusiastic managers to discuss improving towns
  • We encompass a variety of skills covering the entire spectrum of Digital Marketing and Technology


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