April 1, 2022

Digital Loyalty Spotlight: Bom Bom Patisserie

Digital Loyalty Spotlight: Bom Bom Patisserie

What is a digital loyalty card, and why is LoyalFree unique?

LoyalFree offers a digital solution to the traditional paper loyalty card. This digital option comes with a host of benefits; it’s environmentally friendly, contactless, and impossible to lose – to name a few. With LoyalFree, app-users can experience so much more as well. The app is the perfect pocket digital guide to your local area! Explore tours and trails, discover exciting events, enter competitions, find great deals from independent businesses and enjoy rewards with digital loyalty cards.

LoyalFree is a multi-award-winning place-promotion app, designed to boost footfall and sales in towns and cities. LoyalFree partners with BIDs (Business Improvement Districts) and Councils, and is currently available in over 65 locations across the UK.

Using digital loyalty cards on the LoyalFree app couldn’t be easier. Simply select a participating business from the list and scan the unique QR code in-store to earn a digital stamp. Return regularly to earn great rewards!

Bom Bom Patisserie

Bom Bom Patisserie is an award-winning coffee shop with two locations in Loughborough, owned by husband and wife team, Dan and Marta. Marta is a magnificent baker and demonstrated her talents on Great British Bake Off: The Professionals. Bom Bom serves sweet and savoury food prepared and baked daily in their kitchen and serves specialty, espresso-based coffee provided by Hasbean.

Bom Bom Patisserie joined the LoyalFree app when it was launched, back in 2017. They were approached by LoyalFree founders Jason and Sophie and were invited to be a tester for their new app. They have stayed loyal to the app ever since and now hold the LoyalFree record for most stamps redeemed with a very impressive 12,273 redemptions at their Derwent Drive location and 4,303 redemptions at their second location, Bom Bom Canal House! Bom Bom generously offers customers their 7th hot drink free when 6 stamps are collected on the app.

In Conversation With Marta

We asked owner Marta about her thoughts and experiences surrounding LoyalFree, what loyalty means to her business and best practices for success on the app.

What does loyalty mean for your business?

Loyalty is so important, it’s great to know that your customers will be there when you need them. Our loyal customers came back immediately after we were forced to close during covid. I love to get to know my customers, over the years I’ve got to watch them progress, they tell me all about their lives. I also get to watch my customer’s kids grow up which is lovely.

How did you find out about the app and how easy was it to integrate into your daily practices?

We were introduced to the app by Jason and Sophie, the founders of LoyalFree. They came to us with the concept of a digital loyalty card on their app and we decided to sign up on a trial basis. It was really easy to set up, the app really spoke for itself. To begin with, we were telling all of our customers about the app, but these days, most people in Loughborough know about LoyalFree already which is great. Both Bom Bom and LoyalFree had great brand identity as we became more popular in Loughborough and eventually, in 2019 we decided to stop using paper loyalty cards entirely and now exclusively use the LoyalFree app. We would like to expand our business in the future and we will definitely keep using LoyalFree as we open in more locations.

What impresses you about the LoyalFree app?

What impresses us most is the ease of use, that’s why we now only use the app and not physical cards. Outside of the loyalty schemes, our favourite part of the app is the trails section. We are dog friendly, so you can find us on the Loughborough dog friendly trail. We also do vegan options so vegans can easily find us on the Loughborough vegan trail too.

What advice would you give to businesses who are thinking of starting a loyalty scheme with LoyalFree?

We would recommend signing up to LoyalFree, we have given away a lot of free coffees over the years but it’s so worth it to have the loyalty. My top tip would be to make sure that your staff are endorsing the app. Always make LoyalFree a part of the conversation when interacting with customers, that’s the best way to get people signed up and what keeps them coming back. To incentivise your scheme further, you could even offer double stamps during your quiet times.

LoyalFree has been a great asset for Bom Bom Patisserie and the loyalty scheme is working amazingly well in both of their locations. Marta emphasized about how easy the app is to use and how important it has been for her in securing loyal customers.

The Digital Loyalty Campaign

LoyalFree is currently working on a new campaign, working closely with independent businesses to integrate successful loyalty schemes. If you’re new to digital loyalty cards, or need a little bit of help getting one off the ground, then we’d love to work with you. This campaign is free for businesses who are currently on the LoyalFree app, as well as eligible levy payers in our operating areas. If you’re a business owner and are interested in getting involved, please email [email protected] for further information.

If you’d like to know more about how an app could support your area then click here or email [email protected] if you’d like to request more information.