April 1, 2022

Digital Loyalty Spotlight: Bread & Honey

Digital Loyalty Spotlight: Bread & Honey

What is a digital loyalty card, and why is LoyalFree unique?

LoyalFree offers a digital solution to the traditional paper loyalty card. This digital option comes with a host of benefits; it’s environmentally friendly, contactless, and impossible to lose – to name a few. With LoyalFree, app-users can experience so much more as well. The app is the perfect pocket digital guide to your local area! Explore tours and trails, discover exciting events, enter competitions, find great deals from independent businesses and enjoy rewards with digital loyalty cards.

LoyalFree is a multi-award-winning place-promotion app, designed to boost footfall and sales in towns and cities. LoyalFree partners with BIDs (Business Improvement Districts) and Councils, and is currently available in over 65 locations across the UK.

Using digital loyalty cards on the LoyalFree app couldn’t be easier. Simply select a participating business from the list and scan the unique QR code in-store to earn a digital stamp. Return regularly to earn great rewards!

Bread & Honey

Bread & Honey is a small independent coffee shop on the edge of Leicester city centre. Just a stone throw away from the hustle and bustle, Bread & Honey is a tranquil spot situated on King Street. They pride themselves on delectable soups, sandwiches and cakes made fresh daily. Owner Paul bakes the cakes himself and has sourced an award-winning local bakery for his bread. They are passionate about their food and only utilise specially selected local suppliers of the highest quality. They are particularly proud of their coffee offering, serving Monmouth coffee.

Bread & Honey joined the LoyalFree app when it was first launched, back in 2017. They were approached by LoyalFree founders Jason and Sophie and were invited to be a tester for their new app. They have stayed loyal to the app ever since, offering customers their 9th hot drink free when 8 stamps are collected on the app.

In Conversation With Paul

We asked owner Paul about his thoughts and experiences surrounding LoyalFree and how loyalty is at the heart of his business.

What does loyalty mean for your business?

Loyalty is everything, it’s the reason my business is still here post-covid. Especially when covid restrictions were at their height, loyal customers kept supporting us and that made all the difference. Our connection with the locals is so important, it’s our locals who are the most active digital loyalty card users.

How did you find out about the app and how easy was it to integrate into your daily practices?

Sophie and Jason approached me and presented their new app, offering a digital solution to the paper loyalty card, and I loved the concept. I don’t remember the set-up as it was a fair few years ago now but I’m sure it was rather simple. We offer the option of both the digital loyalty card and our paper ones and let customers decide for themselves which one they prefer. As the app is well-known in Leicester, some customers need no prompt from us.

What impresses you about the LoyalFree app?

Previous to the app we printed our loyalty cards on recycled paper as an environmentally-friendly choice, but the environmental benefits of having no paper at all are ideal, as well as the contactless element. Since covid, we haven’t liked to leave too much out on the counter and the contactless element of the app has been a huge help with that. We’ve been impressed by the number of customers that we’ve gained since being on LoyalFree, customers have found us through the app and have become regulars. It’s great that LoyalFree advertises small businesses, after all, independents give the city its flavour and uniqueness.

What advice would you give to businesses who are thinking of starting a loyalty scheme with LoyalFree?

I’d recommend signing up, we don’t advertise in any other way so it’s a great opportunity for free promotion. It’s a great chance to get your business seen by customers who might not have known about you otherwise, especially if like us, you feel a little bit further away from the centre of town.

The Digital Loyalty Campaign

LoyalFree is currently working on a new campaign, working closely with independent businesses to integrate successful loyalty schemes. If you’re new to digital loyalty cards, or need a little bit of help getting one off the ground, then we’d love to work with you. This campaign is free for businesses who are currently on the LoyalFree app, as well as eligible levy payers in our operating areas. If you’re a business owner and are interested in getting involved, please email [email protected] for further information.

If you’d like to know more about how an app could support your area then click here or email [email protected] if you’d like to request more information.