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Everards Brewery

Everards Brewery

How Well Does LoyalFree Work for The Royal Oak in Kirby Muxloe?

Read on to find out why Tobi is so happy


Results 4 weeks after offer launch

The offer was officially launched at a fantastic beer festival on the 24th June 2016

478 App Loyalty Stamps were collected (that is 478 pints purchased!)

Royal Oak’s profile on the LoyalFree app was Visited 704 Times – That’s a lot of great advertisement!

102 People found out more about The Royal Oak by clicking on their facebook, website, instagram, get directions and more!

42 Free Pints were given to very happy customers

See why Tobi, and The Royal Oak, has loved being on the LoyalFree app

“We can definitely see an increase in sales due to the app”

“One of our locals decided that he’d bring his full sized iPad, because his phone is broken, and scans it every day when he buys a pint!”

2You don’t have to lift a finger and there is no technology involved. Your customers simply scan a lanyard that we give you to collect their loyalty stamps.

2Monthly reports are emailed to you telling you all the information you would love to know: When your customers visit, how much money the app has made you, how many click on your website, social media and much more!

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What Do Our Customers Say?

Introducing a modern loyalty scheme has enabled The Royal Oak to increase sales and boost profitability. New customers have found us on the app and keep coming back! The additional revenue to the business is well worth the small monthly cost!

The Royal Oak

Tobi, Pub Owner

The Royal Oak (Kirby Muxloe)

The LoyalFree app is an incredibly cost effective way to advertise to new customers in the local area! We love the community it builds amongst independent businesses which helps us all!

The Royal Oak

Sheree, Owner

The Beauty Box, Leicester

We had a customer that was going to purchase 2 minikegs, but ended up buying 5 just so they could get their free one using the LoyalFree offer!

The Royal Oak

Erika, Head of Marketing

Everards Brewery

Read The Queen Victoria Story

Add pictures, funny stories and quotes/testimonials from Zoe

The Story

The Queen Victoria LoyalFree experience is even more successful than The Royal Oak one above! Zoe is elated!

It was the second pub to introduce the #1 loyalty app and in just 1 month they gave away 1,110 stamps! That is an amazing amount of loyal customers returning and buying more just so they can get their free drinks!

The offer was so well received that the lanyard used to collect points faded after a couple of months. Don’t worry, we’ve prevented this from ever happening again by giving the pubs a plastic cover.

1 Month Stats

1379 Profile Views on the LoyalFree app

107 Free Drink rewards given away. They earned it!

£3,829.50 income from LoyalFree loyalty sales!

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Who Created LoyalFree?

Sophie and Jason, of course!

The founders are slightly mad,
in all the right ways

  • We grew up in the local area
  • We have a wealth of work experience, as pictured below, across a multitude of sectors
  • We are the sole owners of and directors of LoyalFree Ltd
  • We have taken no investment, thus have no external influencers and are the only decision makers
  • We love meeting business owners and building communities
  • We encompass a variety of skills covering the entire spectrum of Digital Marketing and Technology


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