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What is LoyalFree?

LoyalFree is a mobile phone app which replaces and improves the act of stamping a physical loyalty card. Customers collect points until they have enough to claim their reward. At the same time, valuable customer data is pulled into a dashboard and provides information which allows you to create truly sustainable relationships with your customers.

Is LoyalFree available on all phones?

The LoyalFree app is available on Apple (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices which have cameras.

It can easily be downloaded by searching for “LoyalFree” on the app stores or going to on a mobile phone.

What is included in my LoyalFree subscription?

Everything you need to deploy a successful mobile customer loyalty scheme. By signing up to LoyalFree today you will get:

  • An online account where you are able to update your information in real time
  • 2 free LoyalFree lanyards for your customers to scan
  • Access to a personalised dashboard giving you customer insights for your business
  • A free marketing starter pack including branded items to help customers easily get on board
  • Support from the team here at LoyalFree with any technical or business queries you may have
How long will it take to sign up?

The sign up process couldn’t be easier. Click here now to sign up in just a matter of minutes.

And don’t worry about set up times in store either. LoyalFree integrates into your unique business without changing the way you currently operate or incurring set up costs. Whether you want your Scanner Code on a lanyard, an iPad or a sign – LoyalFree has you covered.

What's in it for me?

By signing up to LoyalFree today you can retain customers, increase revenue and receive insights into your most valuable customers.

Not only this but you will benefit from additional organic marketing through social media and your website, increased visibility in your local area and free branding without the mobile phone app.

How much does LoyalFree cost?

LoyalFree can cost as little as £40 per month. You can find out more about what packages are available on our Pricing page.

Payments are taken using the payment gateway Stripe.

Are there any hidden set up fees?

Absolutely not. Our subscription fee is the only cost payable to us and your initial marketing starter pack is on us!

How do customers collect stamps and earn rewards?

Users download the mobile app to find nearby deals. At the point of sale they simply scan the merchant’s QR code and receive their points instantly. A seamless experience for everyone involved.

When enough points have been collected users are notified within the app. The next time they scan your unique QR code they receive the item and start collecting points once more.

What if I already have customers using paper loyalty cards?

Fear not. Next time they make a purchase simply ask them to download the app and scan to top their account up to match the amount of stamps already collected.

Who owns the customer data?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for full information regarding customer data ownership.

Can I customise LoyalFree with my own branding?

Of course. Once logged into your online account you have the option to upload your logo or picture of your choice. In effect, you will have a complete customised app without paying thousands of pounds for it!

You will also come across other exciting customisation options such as links to your social media accounts.

Is there a way to prevent a customer from clicking claim without making a purchase?

Unfortunately not. Customers tend to occasionally get the discount without clicking claim (just by showing the screen), and occasionally they click claim whilst at the store without actually claiming the discount. We believe that due to this, the claim results tend to even themselves out.

The tracking of claims could never be 100% accurate, as a system that is able to 100% accurately confirm tracking claims would be very cumbersome for businesses and involve more technology and training and remove the simplicity of LoyalFree.