Harrogate Lego Trail Boosts Town Footfall with Wonderland Themed Models

Created on 16/09/22

What does the LoyalFree app do?

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What is a trail on the LoyalFree app?

The LoyalFree app tours & trails feature works by grouping together businesses to create experiences for app users. LoyalFree offers a fun and interactive alternative to paper based trails. Interactive trails aid the promotion of businesses and footfall into your high street while also providing valuable data and insight into participation.

Harrogate Lego Trail 2022

Following the success of the 2021 installations, Harrogate brought back the Lego Trail for 2022. This year was bigger and better with 15 Alice in Wonderland themed, life sized Lego models, located around Harrogate Town Centre. The models were built by Yorkshire charity, Fairybricks, whose team of six builders took six months and used more than 514,000 Lego bricks to create the masterpieces. The Trail took place during the summer holidays, creating a fun and free experience for locals and visitors.

The LoyalFree app was launched in Harrogate in April last year and has since seen 319 local businesses promoted on the app. Harrogate has over 2600 engaged app users who have interacted with the town’s business offers, competitions, tourism information and digital trails.

The results:

  • 9,918 Total Location Check-Ins
  • 783 groups of people took part
  • 361 groups completed the trail by checking in at all 15 of the locations

Why was this so successful?

This trail was the perfect free, fun activity for families over the school holidays, it allowed groups to complete the trail in their own time or make a full day of it. Paired with brilliant press and marketing around the town, the trail influenced a great number of people to discover more of Harrogate. 

App users were encouraged to scan the QR code at each location along the trail. The QR codes were presented on large, eye-catching strut cards and window stickers next to each brick model, making the trail locations easily recognisable and attractive to passers-by. The trail was incentivised with a prize for each participant who completed the trail. Once app-users had completed the trail, prizes were available to collect from Toyland in Victoria Shopping Centre or Games Crusade on Oxford Street.

Harrogate BID Manager Matthew Chapman said:

We are delighted to have had another very successful year with this trail, it has been one of the highlights of the year so far and has certainly helped in our efforts to make Harrogate a must-visit destination.

The 15 models hadn’t been displayed anywhere before, we are proud to have had their debut in Harrogate before heading off to different events and venues all over the world.

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