High street app attracts thousands of visitors to Lanark

Created on 07/09/21

Members of the public had a roar-some time exploring Lanark this summer through the LoyalFree app. Discover Lanark invited intrepid hunters to track down 20 giant dinosaurs with their family-friendly, Jurassic Lanark Trail. LoyalFree and Discover Lanark began working together in June 2020 and currently 4,300 people use the app in Lanark and 128 businesses from the BID are promoted on the app. After this trail ended, locals could continue to use the LoyalFree app in Lanark, funded by Discover Lanark, to find exclusive deals and digital loyalty schemes, event listings, fun trails and tourism information.

What is a trail on the LoyalFree app?

LoyalFree’s Tours and Trails feature has the ability to group together different businesses or locations. The app can create a route around your district which participants can use to navigate various checkpoints and explore the area. With interactive features such as Voting, Audio Trails, Scanning QR Codes to ‘Check In’ and more recently, Augmented Reality trails, LoyalFree can really bring an area to life!

The Jurassic Lanark Trail

Discover Lanark gave both locals and visitors the chance to walk in the footsteps of some of history’s most spectacular creatures.

The Jurassic Lanark Trail invited app users on an exciting adventure of discovery to hunt down 20 giant dinosaurs including a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brontosaurus, and a Velociraptor. The family-friendly interactive trail saw each fearsome beast paired with a QR code which participants could scan using technology built into the LoyalFree app.

App users who were brave enough to scan all locations were able to claim their very own Jurassic Lanark Badge – proof that they were indeed fearless dinosaur hunters!

Antonia Pompa the Lanark BID Manager said “The LoyalFree app trail was easy to follow, great fun and led to downloads from users who will continue to use the app in the area to find special offers and support Lanark town centre.”

The trail ran throughout the summer from June 25th to August 29th. This provided plenty of time for participants to enjoy the trail in its entirety.  

The results:

“The Jurassic Lanark trail attracted over 13,731 views on the app. This led to an incredible 9,559 ‘Check ins’ from over 1,816 people. In addition, circa 16,000 paper maps were also given out to participants.”s. 

Antonia Continues “The Jurassic Lanark dinosaur trail has been a huge success, bringing many thousands of visitors to Lanark this summer. Being able to offer a digital version of the trail, as well as the more traditional trail map, has made it easy for people to plan in advance and then navigate Lanark and New Lanark on the day. The data collected will enable us to discover which areas were most popular with check-ins which again helps to inform future plans for next summer.

What made the trail such a success?

Providing a free, fun, family activity that everyone could enjoy over the summer, this trail was sure to be a success. Coupled with a fantastic marketing campaign and the promise of a free badge on completion, the trail saw thousands of people search the streets of Lanark, discovering more of what the town has to offer.  

Visible QR codes at all the sites on large, eye-catching posters made it obvious and easy for both passers-by and app users to scan, ‘check in’ to each location and claim their badge.

This trail was a great success and we look forward to hosting more interactive trails with our partners over the coming months.

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