July 6, 2020

Email Templates


LoyalFree Email Templates

Use these templates to speak to your businesses about LoyalFree. Click below to view the email.

LoyalFree for Businesses

Information about the LoyalFree App 

We have partnered with the loyalty app LoyalFree to provide free advertising for local businesses. This service is free for you and has zero admin. All you need to do is tell us the exclusive offer you’d like to advertise and we will do the rest for you.

You will benefit from:

  • Advertising of your offers/events to locals and visitors with the option to run a ‘loyalty stamp’ scheme
  • Customer insights through a live dashboard
  • Click throughs to your website, social media, reviews and more
  • Featuring in local LoyalFree trails on the app, e.g. Vegan, Family Friendly, Best Independents

What makes a good offer on LoyalFree?

  • The offer is either loyalty based (stamps) or exclusive to the app
  • The offer has simple terms & conditions for the customer

See what other local businesses are offering by downloading the app here: www.loyalfree.co.uk/download or directly from the App or Play Store.

How to get involved?

Simply let us know your offer by emailing us at [email protected]. We create the profile for you, but once we have you can log in and make any changes you like.

You can have various types of exclusive offers or loyalty schemes, and any terms and conditions to suit your needs.

Examples include:

  • 25% off your bill Monday-Friday
  • 6th coffee free
  • 10% off when you spend £20+
  • Free drink with any cake

Please email your offer back in the following format:

Business name:

Offer / loyalty scheme:


Shortly after you sign up you will receive some marketing materials to display in store and staff training on how the app works. Your offers will also be promoted through local social media, events, billboards, press and competitions.

Many thanks,

The LoyalFree team

Shoppers encouraged to ‘keep it local’ with new app

Shoppers across the UK are being encouraged to ‘keep it local’ with the help of innovative loyalty app ‘LoyalFree’ which is used to find local deals and loyalty schemes straight from your smartphone. A compelling incentive, app users can save money when they choose to shop local.

LoyalFree is an innovative place app and dynamic new venture designed to boost high street footfall. Promoting towns and cities since 2017, the LoyalFree app now showcases thousands of businesses around the UK.  

The app is totally free to download and allows users to enjoy offers such as 25% off their dinner bill, 6th coffee free or 241 cocktails. You’ll find offers for cafes, restaurants, shops, bars, health & beauty and more all within one app.   

The app showcases local businesses with profiles which display special offers, loyalty schemes, reviews, a live instagram feed, opening times and more. A location based ‘Local Guide’ also enables app users to enjoy information on key attractions, events and parking in the area. Users can benefit from using just one app as they move around the UK.  

More recently the LoyalFree app launched ‘Tours & Trails’ functionality to help people experience places in an interactive way, for example on Ale, Vegan or Eco-Friendly Trails. App users can find out about unique offerings available in their local area at the touch of a button.  

Co-Founder Sophie Hainsworth comments ‘We are on a mission to use technology to help boost the high street experience and encourage supporting local businesses. We can achieve this by combining online and offline in a way which enables customers to use technology for good and find shopping locally a seamless experience for both visitors and locals alike.’  

Click here to download the LoyalFree app for free now: www.loyalfree.co.uk/download 

Guidance for ambassadors/rangers

As we review our processes we would like to share some guidance and thoughts on the role of BID ambassadors/rangers and tips on how LoyalFree can be integrated into existing visits to businesses. Please pass this information on to those it is relevant for. If there is any feedback or suggested improvements to the process please feel free to get in touch.

Visiting newly signed up businesses

What to do once LoyalFree has added a business and they require a follow up visit:


  • Demonstration of how their profile looks on LoyalFree and how the ‘claim now’ button works
  • Leaving the white A5 training sheet for the staff
  • Delivering and displaying materials – Business cards by the till, a till wobbler and a window cling if desired

Loyalty Schemes

  • Demonstration of how their profile looks on LoyalFree and live demo of how stamps are collected using the QR code till wobbler or lanyard
    – The QR code wobbler may be posted to you for delivery with this training session if this has been added remotely
    – If a business cannot find their QR code please email LoyalFree so they can reprint another one for them
  • Leaving the white A5 training sheet for the staff
  • Delivering and displaying materials – A QR code wobbler attached to the till, business cards by the till and a window cling displayed in the window

If you have run out of any materials to display please email [email protected] to let LoyalFree know.

If you get any good pictures when on your visits feel free to send them across to LoyalFree so they can promote the businesses through Social Media.

White A5 business training sheet

Click here to see the sheet

Revisiting existing businesses

Often it is worth revisiting those with a loyalty scheme to ensure they have the QR code and the staff are trained and knowledgeable about the app.

Signing new businesses up

Ways to introduce businesses to the LoyalFree app:

  • Email: contact businesses with the information using our sign up template ‘Information about the LoyalFree App’ (*copied at the bottom of this email) or introduce them to our team over email using [email protected]
  • Visits: If collecting offers/loyalty schemes in person please email them to [email protected] so we can add them Even if a business cannot give an offer LoyalFree can promote their events or feature them in trails Please focus on gathering exclusive offers (only available on LoyalFree) and loyalty schemes ahead of generic offers Live demos of the app on the phone really help explain the functionality to the businesses The email template below helps to point out the key features and benefits of the LoyalFree app Don’t forget to drop off an A5 information sheet and collect an email address
  • Hit lists: if there are specific businesses you’d like to get on board but haven’t yet please identify these to us so our team can support. Email them to [email protected]
  • Member / levy payer events: can be a useful time to give the information out of have a LoyalFree stall

Black A5 business sign up sheet

Click here to see the sheet

Trail ideas

Don’t forget businesses may want to be added to existing or new trails in your area on the LoyalFree app and it can be a great way for them to gain further promotion of their brand. Please pass this information on to the BID manager or individual responsible for building the trails.

Many Thanks, Sophie

*Send the first email in this list to any businesses that are interested in LoyalFree

Email copy for local Employers

New app offers discounts, information and experiences for you to enjoy in the local area 

A new app has launched in the area, which can help you save money when you shop local. The LoyalFree app is used to find exclusive deals, digital loyalty schemes, exciting events and interactive trails straight from your smartphone. Not only this, but it also showcases other useful local information such as Parking spots and can be enjoyed across the UK in over 20 different towns and cities. In many areas, the app also lists ‘Employee only’ deals just for you and runs flash competitions with top prizes.

The LoyalFree app is funded by the local Business Improvement District, making it entirely free for you to use. You can enjoy money saving deals at shops, cafes, restaurants and more. Perfect for finding an after work spot or a new place to grab lunch. Complete with reviews and social media feeds, you can quickly get to know new businesses in the area.

More recently the LoyalFree app launched ‘Tours & Trails’ functionality to help you experience places in an interactive way, for example on a Coffee & Cake or Eco-Friendly Trail of the local area. You can find out about unique offerings available in the area at the touch of a button.To download the app for free simply search for ‘LoyalFree’ on the app stores or click here: https://bit.ly/3f52tV4

Information about the LoyalFree Marketplace for businesses

We are writing to invite you to trial a new online marketplace which will be free of charge to you. Our existing partners, the LoyalFree app, are launching an online marketplace where you can list and sell items for free. This is in response to continuing to support businesses during the Coronavirus outbreak.

LoyalFree will take 0% commission and as [insert BID name] BID members, the service will be free of charge to you (note: there is a 3% standard payment fee from Stripe).

This website could provide vital sales and support during COVID-19, allowing you to sell products but also gift vouchers which can be posted/emailed out for future use.

The marketplace can be seen here: https://www.loyalfreemarketplace.co.uk

There will also be a FAQ support page, which will be regularly updated to help with any fiddly bits: https://www.loyalfreemarketplace.co.uk/business-guide-how-to/ and the LoyalFree team will also be on hand to support.


Sign up here: https://www.loyalfreemarketplace.co.uk/my-account/ – It takes less than 1 minute!

Or, email [email protected] if you have any questions.

IMPORTANT: There are only 5 spots available right now, so sign up or reply as quickly as possible.

P.S. The testimonial attached is for a business that made £1,000 in sales on their first 7 days of being listed on the LoyalFree Marketplace.