Independent cafe in Leicester praise eco-friendly and covid safe citywide mobile app

Created on 08/01/21

What does the LoyaFree app do?

LoyalFree is a multi award winning place app, designed to boost footfall and sales in town and city centres. The LoyalFree app partnered with BID Leicester back in 2018 and over 9,000 app users in the city can save money when they shop local and discover exclusive deals, exciting local events and interactive trails all on their smartphone!

Leicester Coffee House Company

Leicester Coffee House Company joined the app in 2019 after being excited by the environmental benefits of the digital loyalty scheme LoyalFree offers to levy payers in Leicester. The business currently has two offers on the app; a loyalty scheme and a coffee and cake deal saving app users £1.50, as well as appearing on local trails such as the Leicester Coffee Trail.

Their Loyalty scheme (get your 9th hot drink free) has proved extremely popular with locals and visitors with over 200 individuals viewing their business profile and 1,245 stamps collected on the app so far!

Gail Brown, Director of Leicester Coffee House Company commented that using the app has been a success for their business: ‘‘It has allowed customers to go digital and paperless and saves time in stamping, you can just leave the customer to do the ‘stamping’ themselves.’’ She also tells us how popular the LoyalFree ‘Give As You Save’ scheme has been as an added incentive for her customers. LoyalFree donates 1p to charity every time a stamp is collected on the app. Previous charity partners have included One Roof Leicester and the NSPCC. 

The digital and reactive nature of the app ensured the business was able to adapt and tackle the covid pandemic securely by put the QR code for their loyalty scheme in the window of their cafe in town, allowing loyal customers to claim their digital stamps on takeaway orders, in a safe way.

Image: BID Leicester Director Simon shows how you can still get your coffee fix at a safe distance from Leicester Coffee House Company

Gail mentions how the app has had a positive impact in Leicester and added: ‘‘I would advise all businesses debating whether to add a loyalty scheme to the app to give it a go! It’s another great way of marketing your business.’’

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If you’re interested in using the app in the City then download the app here: or by searching for ‘LoyalFree’ on the iOS and Android app stores. 

If you’d like to know more about how an app could support your area then click here or email [email protected] if you’d like to request more information.  

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