How to save money in London!

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Saving money is so important, and I believe it’s essential to find ways you can save money without having to sacrifice on things that are important to you. Being a student and having to live on a budget. it is sometimes difficult not to go into your overdraft, which is why I am so glad I have discovered the app Loyalfree.



LoyalFree is an app that connects to your location and brings up all the local offers available around you in your local area. This means you can find out about all the local loyalty schemes and deals that are very hard to know about otherwise. Some deals you may find on the app include savings on gym memberships, I’ve even seen a 2-day free pass and also cut and style at hairdressers for just £15, which is something as a student. I wouldn’t usually be able to afford. Within London at the moment you can get 15% off at Yo! Sushi, which is great for a cheaper lunch and 10% off at Fabled, just to name a few of the discounts on offer!

One of the other aspects I love about this app is it acts as a mini tour guide. London is vast, and there is always so much going on, and this app can help you with that. You can quickly and easily find out where you are and what deals and offers are around you. So if you are looking for somewhere cheap to eat, you can perhaps find a restaurant offering two for one. Convenient and helps you to save your pennies. In addition to this, you can even be invited to free experiences and events in your local area. Driving in London is something I am not that confident with as the roads are mad, but the app is helpful as it brings up parking around you. So you don’t have to waste time and petrol driving around looking for a car park.




I am so pleased I discovered this app and its free to download and use (which is incredible) download it by following this link   and get saving your money today! the app is brought to The Fitzrovia area in partnership with ‘The Fitzrovia Partnership’ 

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