Top ways to save money in Banbury this festive season

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LoyalFree want to spread the festive cheer this winter by making it easier than ever to find the best hidden gems in your town or city, great discounts on your festive shopping and the best wintery events that you can’t miss!  The LoyalFree app is brimming with loyalty schemes, discounts, events and trails all year[…]

LoyalFree launch new charity scheme in home town to help tackle homelessness

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LoyalFree is delighted to launch a new charity initiative right here in Leicester, where the award winning app was founded three years ago. Sophie Hainsworth, co-founder of LoyalFree, said, “We’ve been looking for a charity partner and as a Leicester-based company we wanted to help a good cause in the city.’’   Whilst users can[…]

4 easy ways Students can get to know Southampton as their new University City

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September brings Fresher’s week and exciting new moves for many individuals joining a new University or returning for further years. But perhaps you are new to Southampton and want to know how you can enjoy the area, find local events and grab a bargain along the way! Moving to a new place can be daunting,[…]