High Street app loyalty scheme supports children’s charity Pyjama Fairies

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LoyalFree is delighted to announce that after 12 months of successfully raising money for mental health charity, Mind, the ‘Give As You Save’ charity initiative will now support Pyjama Fairies.

Over the last 12 months, 41,049 loyalty stamps have been collected on the app, resulting in a fantastic £410.49 donation to Mind.

About the Pyjama Fairies

A little girl’s gown, hand made by the Pyjama Fairies

Pyjama Fairies is the only UK charity to make pyjamas and surgical gowns specially designed for babies and children. They are one of the few volunteer charities solely dedicated to helping children feel more comfortable while in hospital. While other great organisations focus on research and finding a cure, they work to improve the quality of life of children and their families as they undergo surgical procedures and treatment.

Through the Fairies’ hard work and nimble fingers they have been able to donate over 4,000 garments free of charge each year directly to hospital wards throughout the UK. This ensures that children can get access to pyjamas and gowns in emergency situations.

How the LoyalFree ‘Give As You Save’ initiative works

LoyalFree is a multi award winning place promotion app with exclusive deals, interactive trails and event listings. Users of the app can collect digital loyalty stamps and earn rewards when they shop, drink or dine at a participating business. LoyalFree currently hosts digital loyalty cards in over 350 businesses across the UK!  

The ‘Give As You Save’ charity initiative donates 1p to charity every time a loyalty stamp is collected on the app in any of the 65+ towns and cities in which LoyalFree is available. So far the initiative has led to donations of over £2,000 to worthy causes across the UK. 

How Pyjama Fairies was chosen as our charity of the year

Heather’s son Stanley, wearing his ‘special outfit’ made by the Pyjama Fairies

Each year, the LoyalFree team comes together to discuss which charity they would like to raise money for. Content Coordinator, Heather Clamp spoke of the wonderful experience she had with Pyjama Fairies when her son had to go into hospital for a procedure earlier in the year. The choice was clear.

Heather said: “To find out that LoyalFree would be supporting Pyjama Fairies was an incredible feeling. I have never felt worry or fear, to the extent that I did when I was pacing that waiting room, anxiously checking the clock every few seconds, willing the hands to move faster. Pyjama Fairies helped lessen the worry on the build up to the operation with their ‘child friendly’ surgery gowns because for Stanley it was an adventure, and he revelled in the opportunity to ‘show off’ his special new outfit.

The amazing ‘fairies’ are volunteers, using their own equipment and materials to provide nightwear and gowns that are completely safe for hospital use – no metal clasps, no glitter, easy to open and amazingly colourful and child friendly. To know that we are supporting their incredible work, really makes me so very proud. I’m so thankful to the Pyjama Fairies for their help and I’m so thankful to LoyalFree for supporting them this year.”

Henry Jinman, Managing Director of LoyalFree said: “We’re honoured to be supporting a charity that is important to Heather. Pyjama Fairies are a fantastic charity that makes a real difference to the lives of children and their families as they go through difficult times in life. It is a great achievement for us to be able to support the high street whilst raising money for a worthy cause”.

How your donation helps

By supporting Pyjama Fairies, you can help these children and their families find comfort as they undergo short or long hospital stays and difficult treatments. 

  • £4.50 pays postage for garments to be sent to a child
  • £10 buys supplies for a set of pyjamas 
  • £20 buys supplies for a set of pyjamas and gown
  • £50 buys a roll of fabric

LoyalFree will continue to donate to Pyjama Fairies until the end of September 2023, before moving the campaign to support another wonderful charity. 

To get stamping today and give as you save, download LoyalFree for Android and iOS for free by clicking here:www.loyalfree.co.uk/download or by searching for ‘LoyalFree’ on the app stores.

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