Advertizer chief reporter Barrie tries out Oswestry’s new loyalty app

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Advertizer chief reporter Barrie tries out Oswestry’s new loyalty app

There is a sliding scale of things that set my teeth on fire: scratching plates with cutlery, a metal chair on a floor and a customer services person saying ‘have you got the app?’

So when the boss said could I go out and test the new Loyal Free app that arrived in town last week, in partnership with Oswestry Business Improvement District (BID), I have to admit I was more than a little wary.

I downloaded the free app – so far, so good – and had a look on the list of offers and businesses involved, I was immediately stuck by the range of for Oswestrians.

Yes, there are a lot of offers for coffees and refreshments, but that reflects what Oswestry has to offer in abundance and still then it shows the scale of the businesses available.

I head to Scotty’s, now in Cross Street, to see what was on offer there and they do a traditional ‘buy nine and get a 10th free’.

As someone who is still used to every now and then carrying around that cardboard slip that is effectively your coffee purchase history, I was a little tentative about how my smart phone can be used in what could be seen as an old school cafe.

That’s why I chose Scotty’s as the test of the app; it’s somewhere that appeals across the ages.

But hey presto, one scan of the code and I am now just eight more coffees away from a freebie and I’ll never have to worry about losing the cardboard.

(It’s here the reader asks ‘does this happen often?’ Yes it does, so one handy app is perfect.)

Randolph Scott, commonly known as Scotty, is hoping the app will play a big part in his business.

He added: “It was quite an easy decision because it was free to get involved.

“It was important because the younger generation are into their smart phones and we’ve got to appeal to everyone across the generations.

“We’ve had some uptake on it already. I hope that people will be pushing it so that we can be seen on it and get that benefit.”

On then next to another business at the different end of the spectrum to talk about its hopes for being part of the app.

Petworld, in English Walls, is a pet shop that has plenty to offer for owners, as well as buying new animals and what needs to go with it.

Their offer is similar but on a grander scale: spend £10, 10 times and get £10 off their next purchase.

While I wasn’t there to pick up a hamster or some bedding, I did speak to owner Ken Malcolm, who hopes the app will attract new business as well as rewarding his loyal customers.

He added: “It was a no brainer to be honest.

“I like the look of the app and we’ve had good loyalty schemes in the past. We need to embrace the challenge of the 21st century and the modern age.

“I hope it will bring in new business – it’s not just a loyalty app, it’s a gateway to Oswestry.”

The app is available on iOS and Android – search Loyalty Free and once downloaded, it will use your location to show what businesses are included.

There is also an opportunity to win a £50 voucher when you download the app as a reward – no pressure but I would love to win…

Download the LoyalFree app here.

Article written by Barrie White at Advertizer.

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