How to shop locally and safely with high street app

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The award-winning high street app LoyalFree has continued to support local businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. The app has greatly expanded its reach in the last year and is currently available in over 65 towns and cities across the UK. LoyalFree helps connect both residents and tourists to the high street through a guide to their local areas. The app focuses on independent businesses, encouraging users to shop locally and shop safely through their smartphone.

UK coronavirus restrictions are beginning to ease, with government guidance in England now moving to Plan-A. This is great news for the British high street and independent business alike. LoyalFree are committed to encouraging users to support independents through exciting tours and trails, loyalty schemes, and money-saving deals.

Shop safely with Tours and Trails

LoyalFree’s Tours and Trails feature has the ability to group together different businesses or locations. The app can create a route around your district that app users can use to navigate various checkpoints and explore the area. During the pandemic, BID’s (Business Improvement Districts) and councils have worked with LoyalFree to utilise trails to provide up-to-date information on how to shop and support independents safely. For example, Welwyn Garden City introduced the Hand Sanitiser Trail to keep locals and visitors safe whilst they shop in person and for those who preferred the comfort of their homes, app users could find a variety of trails detailing which local businesses in their area offer home delivery or click and collect services. The LoyalFree app also features an abundance of trails listing local independent or ‘indie’ businesses in your area. These include ‘The Hereford Indie Trail’; ‘Lincoln Independent Clothing and Gifts’ and many more!

Sophie Hainsworth, Co-Founder of LoyalFree, comments β€œAt LoyalFree we want to focus on keeping people safe by finding new ways our technology platform can continue to support the high street at the same time. We are also pooling the skills of our team to offer free services to our clients and looking for new ways to use technology for good.”

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If you are a business in a BID area that uses the LoyalFree platform please contact [email protected] to see how we can help during this time.

If you are a Business Improvement District wanting to know if the app can support your businesses please visit to find out more.

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