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LoyalFree is delighted to expand their ‘Give As You Save’ charity initiative to support Mind, the UK’s leading mental health charity.  

LoyalFree is a multi award winning place promotion app with exclusive deals, interactive trails and event listings. Users of the app can also collect digital loyalty stamps from over 300 businesses! 

Now the company wants to put a big focus on mental health as well as supporting local high streets and businesses in the economy. 

LoyalFree works on many projects to improve mental health in communities, including initiatives such as listing offers at wellbeing businesses and creating walking tours to encourage people to explore and enjoy time outside. Additionally, their charity scheme will now turn it’s focus to mental health.  

The ‘Give As You Save’ charity initiative donates 1p to charity every time a loyalty stamp is collected on the app in any of the 50 towns and cities using the app. So far the initiative has led to donations of over £1,600 to worthy causes across the UK. 

Sophie Hainsworth, CEO and Co-Founder of LoyalFree said: ‘‘We love finding new ways our technology can support the high street and charitable causes simultaneously. Mind are a charity who personally helped me through my own struggles and supporting their amazing work is more important than ever.’’

You can watch Sophie’s TEDx Leicester talk about her own struggles with mental health in the workplace on Youtube. 

Mind provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem and continue to campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. Find out more about the services they run here.

The charity has had to work even harder than ever due to the covid-19 pandemic; ‘when a global pandemic suddenly strikes and creates a mental health emergency it means we act fast and do all we can to make sure everyone with a mental health problem gets support and respect.’ 

Users of LoyalFree don’t need to do anything differently – they can keep using the app as normal and feel great in the knowledge that they are giving as they save! Businesses running loyalty schemes through the LoyalFree app are encouraged to promote these further with an extra incentive for customers to swap from paper loyalty cards to a digital version.

LoyalFree will continue to donate to Mind until April 2022, before moving the campaign to support another wonderful charity. 

To get stamping today and give as you save, download LoyalFree for Android and iOS for free by clicking here: or by searching for ‘LoyalFree’ on the app stores.

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