5 Easy Ways Small Businesses Can Promote Offers & Loyalty Programmes

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We work with businesses daily who have special deals and offers for both new and loyal customers but aren’t seeing the benefit. Although it is clearly apparent that there’s a marketing benefit to running these offers (such as improving customer satisfaction, building brand awareness, increased footfall) setting them up is only half of the story.

How will you let your customers know about these deals? And perhaps just as important, how can they let even more people know?

Often companies are left bemused when they launch a generous offer and see little uptake. Generosity is useless if you hide it in the dark.

So what are 5 easy ways to promote your offers? Many articles will tell you to run complicated email campaigns to your users and add text onto your website. Whilst traditionally effective – and great to do – there are quicker and easier ways to get results!

Here’s our top 5 tips which we see working daily with the 112 businesses we work with!

1. Get Your Staff On Side

Your staff are the face of your company and know the customers best. Ensure they understand the offer, how great it is and what customers need to do. If your staff love the idea it’s a safe bet your customers will too. 

2. Make the Offer Super Simple

By far the most common problem we see if complicated offers. Would you like to cash out now or keep saving? Would you like to trade your points and use them somewhere else? There is a place for this – don’t get us wrong – but it’s usually in a large Chain. For smaller businesses you must reduce the effort of the consumer to almost 0. What’s even easier than carrying loyalty cards? Having them all on your phone!

3. Promote a Point of Sale

Are you letting your customers know about the offer as they are making purchases? This is absolutely essential to peak their interest. Try using a strut card at your till and hand writing your offer on it. Also consider window stickers, table talkers and so on. Don’t forget the back of the toilet door! If you’re a LoyalFree customer we provide all these materials for you. 


4. Shout on Social Media

By far the best way to connect with your customers – and it’s FREE! Many of your followers already love your brand and share your content so there is no better platform for letting them know about deals. This is also a great opportunity to run some competitions and offer additional offers to help spark interest. We would highly recommend using the ‘Boost’ feature on Facebook. For as little as £5 you can reach thousands of people in the local area (of a certain sex, age) and it is incredibly easy to do!

5. List the Offer on a Loyalty App

One crucial way to get your offer seen is to go where others go. This is the ideology which took Groupon to success. By listing yourself alongside other offers you can appeal to a much larger audience with a wider geographical reach. Whilst many apps only support Loyalty schemes, LoyalFree can also list fixed discounts, certain day discounts and promote your events too. Take a tour of our app now! 


Are you a small business wanting to run promotions to locals? Click here to find out more now! 

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