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It’s hard times for pubs

It is no secret that many pubs are struggling to stay afloat in the UK. Even those doing well are likely seeing decreases in their regulars. The ‘regulars’ are critical to your pub – those who come in after work, to watch the sport, or for their Sunday lunch. The current economic climate means many will chose to buy alcohol and drink it at home to save money. But what if they felt truly valued at their local? What if they were rewarded for their loyalty? 

How can a loyalty app help?

Customer loyalty is not a new concept. But standard plastic and paper cards often provide a headache for your staff and customers alike. We can solve this problem for you and offer it for a much lower price than other loyalty apps! We have had great success rolling this out at The Royal Oak pub and pub manager Tobi Atkins tells us “Introducing a modern loyalty scheme has enabled The Royal Oak to increase sales and boost profitability. New customers have found us on the app and keep coming back! The additional revenue to the business is well worth the small monthly cost!” 


How does it work?

But how does a loyalty scheme work in a pub? Traditional loyalty cards normally give a stamp per drink and this is proven to work well. But with LoyalFree and many modern day options you can offer anything from stamps per spend, stamps per drink, fixed discounts on food and so forth. It can even work at brewery shops! Erika, Head of Marketing for Everards told us “We had a customer that was going to purchase 2 minikegs, but ended up buying 5 just so they could get their free one using the LoyalFree offer!” 

To find out more about how we could help boost sales at your pub please click here now.

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