5 easy ways Students can get to know Leicester as their new University City

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September brings Fresher’s week and exciting new moves for many individuals joining a new University or returning for further years.

But perhaps you are new to Leicester and want to know how you can enjoy the area, find local events and grab a bargain along the way!

Moving to a new place can be daunting, especially trying to navigate your new home and find new networks of people, so here are the top four ways to help you get to know Leicester, a vibrant City full of hidden gems for you to enjoy:

1. Follow ‘Cool As Leicester’ to find out about new exciting venues

Local company ‘Cool As Leicester’ delivers a constant feed of fresh information about new openings in the City and interesting events to attend. They have regularly updated Social Media channels which you can use to be the first in the know.

You can also sign-up to their newsletters to keep yourself informed. The site covers a range of areas such as Entertainment, Events, Family Activities, Music and more.

Not only this, but there are regular competitions which can get you access to VIP openings in the City and the hottest tickets around. Find out more here: https://www.coolasleicester.co.uk

2. Use the LoyalFree app to bag a bargain and explore the area

The LoyalFree app is available in 15 UK towns and cities, and Leicester is one of them! This app pulls together local deals and exclusive discounts for you to enjoy around the City. This could be on food and drink, but also includes discounts at local shops in the City.

The app also features digital trails, which are really useful to explore your new home, in addition to a ‘Local Guide’ listing the top attractions in the area. Popular trails you can enjoy in Leicester include Cocktails, Vegan Eats and even a Cheese Trail!

The best part? The app is completely free to download and hosts regular giveaways and Student specific promotions. You can download LoyalFree here: https://www.loyalfree.co.uk/download

3. Find out what’s on from Visit Leicester

If you love to plan ahead, Visit Leicester has an events calendar which is regularly updated with events that are on the City, plus a bit further afield. There are events listed up to a year in advance, which is great for those who want to get their diaries booked up early to ensure they never miss out on popular events which may sell out.

Visit Leicester is a great place to find out about upcoming comedians, theatre and music so is great for those wanting to experience some popular culture in Leicester. It also has some handy filters to allow you to search specific dates and areas around the City so you can find out what is on your doorstep.

You can take a look at the events calendar here: https://www.visitleicester.info/whats-on/events-calendar

4. Get down to Highcross Student Sessions to save some cash

Highcross is the main shopping Centre in Leicester City and luckily for new and existing students, they run special nights where you can save money on your favourite brands.

This year’s takes place on the evening of October 8th from 8:30pm until midnight. The shopping centre is open just to students out of hours to give you time to enjoy prizes, entertainment and many discounts. It usually attracted around 20,000 students so don’t forget to turn up early to join the queue!

You can find out information about the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1672809646196696/ and it’s certainly not one to miss.

Whichever of these options you choose to use, you’ll be sure to find lots of local events and deals to enjoy around Leicester.

5. Discover the Independent scene in Leicester!

Independent Leicester is all about shopping local and celebrating the thriving independent scene in the city.

So, if you fancy finding out how you can support local business then Independent Leicester can help! Through regular updates and interviews with business owners, they can help you discover hidden parts of the City.

Find out more here: http://www.independentleicester.co.uk/

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