Local app LoyalFree donate over £1300 to help tackle homelessness in Leicester

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  Since launching the LoyalFree app ‘Give As You Save’ charity scheme in November, the Leicester based business has now donated £1,304 to the Give Leicester Campaign, a project set up by BID Leicester and Leicester City Council, working in partnership with Leicester Homelessness Charter which has raised over £20k to date. The LoyalFree app,[…]

High street app set to support local businesses in Dorking during Covid-19 crisis

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  Dorking Town Partnership are working alongside award winning high street app LoyalFree during the current Covid-19 crisis. Partners since 2018, the town partnership has worked closely with LoyalFree to provide local businesses a platform to promote offers, event listings, interactive trails and more. Working together, LoyalFree and Dorking Town Partnership have quickly adapted the[…]

High street app launch innovative ways to support local businesses during Coronavirus outbreak

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  The high street app LoyalFree has announced new ways their technology can quickly adapt to support local businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. Widely used, the app is currently available in 15 towns and cities and helps connect locals with special offers, events and interactive trails, encouraging the public to support shopping local. Amidst the[…]

LoyalFree takes Lily on a Dog Friendly day out in Loughborough!

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  What is a trail on the LoyalFree app? The LoyalFree app tours & trails feature works by grouping together businesses to make life easier. For example, a trail could see a group of businesses combined into one easy-to-access place which customers can use to complete their Mother’s Day shopping or discover a Gluten Free[…]

Enjoy Valentine’s in Fitzrovia with the LoyalFree app

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The festive season is over and the Fitzrovia high streets are replacing reindeer with romance as we gear up for the next holiday! Cupid has been hard at work filling the LoyalFree app with amazing loyalty schemes, discounts, events and trails – so whether you’re celebrating Valentines or Galentines this February make sure you check[…]

LoyalFree’s 2019 Round Up

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2019 has been the busiest one yet here at LoyalFree – expanding our award winning loyalty app into 15 towns and cities! We now operate across much of the UK, from the Lake District down to Surrey, and promote over 2,000 businesses on the app. We were ecstatic to surpass 40,000 users back in November[…]

Five easy apps to help your business save money

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Whether you’re looking to cut the cost of that lunch out or make some savings on your office electricity bill, as a business owner you’re probably always on the lookout for neat ways to save some money. Available to everyone, these apps and services are great for business owners and employees alike. So, when you’re[…]

LoyalFree launches in Brighouse

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Brighouse BID has launched a new partnership with multi award winning app LoyalFree, designed to boost footfall and sales in the town. Jason Nesbitt and Sophie Hainsworth, founders of the app, are introducing the app to Brighouse as the 15th town/city in the UK to take up this project which is rapidly gaining traction across[…]

Top ways to save money in Banbury this festive season

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LoyalFree want to spread the festive cheer this winter by making it easier than ever to find the best hidden gems in your town or city, great discounts on your festive shopping and the best wintery events that you can’t miss!  The LoyalFree app is brimming with loyalty schemes, discounts, events and trails all year[…]

LoyalFree launch new charity scheme in home town to help tackle homelessness

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LoyalFree is delighted to launch a new charity initiative right here in Leicester, where the award winning app was founded three years ago. Sophie Hainsworth, co-founder of LoyalFree, said, “We’ve been looking for a charity partner and as a Leicester-based company we wanted to help a good cause in the city.’’   Whilst users can[…]